E-commerce chain

You are learning the E-commerce. Here are the E-commerce entities I recognized in small and middle business e-commerce systems.

  • A website [WS].  Static HTML or dynamic (CMS such as WordPress, Drupal).
  • E-commerce shopping chart [SC]. For instance the osCommerce a grand father or all shopping charts. All E-commerce systems must have it. In general E-commerce shopping chart assist people making purchases online.
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  • The Payment Gateway [PG]. The E-commerce shopping chart sends transaction requests to the payment gateway. The payment gateway can authorize the transaction. Simple, the gateway returns True or False. If False the gateway returns the error code. The error code provides the reason why the transaction cannot be authorized. Most gateways have small transaction fee.
  • The Merchant Account [MA] that captures the money from the transactions successfully processed via gateways. At some time [PG] sends all the transactions to the [MA]. [MA] sends the money to your bank.


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