eCommerce first grade - history perspective

eCommerce stands for the electronic commerce.

The idea to shop a coffee-maker in pajamas at midnight is just one example why e-commerce is needed.

The eCommerce history started with Michael Aldrish back in 1979.

After that in between 1992-1994 for the fist browser = Netscape navigator online shops started to pop up. was the first E-commerce site I guess.

In 1996 - Amazon become Internet eCommerce Mekka and started to grow since. At that time soon after Dell made 1 million in online sales in just one year eCommerce started to be very popular.

In the beginning of e-commerce people were scary, because they were not sure about their data—is is safe or not. Today, once people recognize the green light of https:// in their browsers they feel safe. (in most cases).


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