Fixed web page layout

A fixed (static) web page layout makes use of a preset page size as well as does not alter based on the internet browser size. Simply puts, the page design might have a permanent size of 960 pixels regardless of what. This is just how Internet pages were traditionally constructed for several years till modern-days. Modern day impacts like media queries as well as responsive layout were presented around the begin of the 2010s.

When brand-new websites are constructed, the majority of them don’t go with a fixed design, because it means that the mobile experience will certainly need a separate web site.

Different devices will certainly deal with a static page design in different methods, so the provided web page can be a little uncertain. For instance, on a desktop computer browser, if the home window is as well small horizontally, then the web page will certainly be cut off and horizontal scroll bars will certainly be presented. On a mobile gadget like an apple iphone, the web page will be scaled automatically, enabling the customer to focus on sights.