List of Sass script functions

RGB Functions

rgb Creates a Color from red, green, and blue values.

rgba Creates a Color from red, green, blue, and alpha values.

red Gets the red component of a color.

green Gets the green component of a color.

blue Gets the blue component of a color.

mix Mixes two colors together.

HSL Functions

hsl Creates a Color from hue, saturation, and lightness values.

hsla Creates a Color from hue, saturation, lightness, and alpha values.

hue Gets the hue component of a color.

saturation Gets the saturation component of a color.

lightness Gets the lightness component of a color.

adjust-hue Changes the hue of a color.

lighten Makes a color lighter.

darken Makes a color darker.

saturate Makes a color more saturated.

desaturate Makes a color less saturated.

grayscale Converts a color to grayscale.

complement Returns the complement of a color.

invert Returns the inverse of a color.

Opacity Functions

alpha Gets the alpha component rgba Changes the alpha component for a color.

opacify Makes a color more opaque.

transparentize Makes a color more transparent.

OtherColor Functions

adjust-color Increases or decreases one or more components of a color.

scale-color Fluidly scales one or more properties of a color.

change-color Changes one or more properties of a color.

ie-hex-str Converts a color into the format understood by IE filters.

String Functions

unquote Removes quotes from a string.

quote Adds quotes to a string.

str-length Returns the number of characters in a string.

str-insert Inserts $insert into $string at $index.

str-index Returns the index of the first occurrence of $substring in $string.

str-slice Extracts a substring from $string.

to-upper-case Converts a string to upper case.

to-lower-case Converts a string to lower case.

Number Functions

percentage Converts a unitless number to a percentage.

round Rounds a number to the nearest whole number.

ceil Rounds a number up to the next whole number.

floor Rounds a number down to the previous whole number.

abs Returns the absolute value of a number.

min Finds the minimum of several numbers.

max Finds the maximum of several numbers.

random Returns a random number.

List Functions

length Returns the length of a list.

nth Returns a specific item in a list.

set-nth Replaces the nth item in a list.

join Joins together two lists into one.

append Appends a single value onto the end of a list.

zip Combines several lists into a single multidimensional list.

index Returns the position of a value within a list.

list-separator Returns the separator of a list.

Map Functions

map-get Returns the value in a map associated with a given key.

map-merge Merges two maps together into a new map.

map-remove Returns a new map with keys removed.

map-keys Returns a list of all keys in a map.

map-values Returns a list of all values in a map.

map-has-key Returns whether a map has a value associated with a given key.

keywords Returns the keywords passed to a function that takes variable arguments.

Selector Functions

selector-nest Nests selector beneath one another like they would be nested in the stylesheet.

selector-append Appends selectors to one another without spaces in between.

selector-extend Extends $extendee with $extender within $selector.

selector-replace Replaces $original with $replacement within $selector.

selector-unify Unifies two selectors to produce a selector that matches elements matched by both.

is-superselector Returns whether $super matches all the elements $sub does, and possibly more.

simple-selectors Returns the simple selectors that comprise a compound selector.

selector-parse Parses a selector into the format returned by &.

Introspection Functions

feature-exists Returns whether a feature exists in the current Sass runtime.

variable-existsReturns whether a variable with the given name exists in the current scope.

global-variable-exists Returns whether a variable with the given name exists in the global scope.

function-exists Returns whether a function with the given name exists.

mixin-exists Returns whether a mixin with the given name exists.

inspect Returns the string representation of a value as it would be represented in Sass.

type-of Returns the type of a value.

unit Returns the unit

unitless Returns whether a number has units.

comparable Returns whether two numbers can be added, subtracted, or compared.

call Dynamically calls a Sass function.

Miscellaneous Functions

if Returns one of two values, depending on whether or not $condition is true.

unique-id Returns a unique CSS identifier.

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