Linux manuals

A man page (short for manual page) is a form of online software documentation usually found on a Unix or Unix-like operating system. Topics covered include computer programs (including library and system calls), formal standards and conventions, and even abstract concepts. A user may invoke a man page by issuing the man command.


If you type # man man you will get the following result:

The standard sections of the manual include:

 1 User Commands

 2 System Calls

 3 C Library Functions

 4 Devices and Special Files

 5 File Formats and Conventions

 6 Games et. Al.

 7 Miscellanea

 8 System Administration tools and Deamons

Distributions customize the manual section to their specifics,

which often include additional sections.


Once the packages are installed on your system all the manual ( man ) pages are present on your system in the folder /usr/share/man/


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