Mysqldiff sync two tables

MySQLDiff is command line utility from the set of MySQL utilities that is perfect for web servers database analysis and Quality Insurance.

With WordPress in mind on a web server you would typically use it like this:

mysqldiff --server1=root:[email protected]  db1.wp_options:db2r.wp_options
--- db1.wp_options
+++ db2.wp_options
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
 CREATE TABLE `wp_options` (
   `option_id` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
-  `option_name` varchar(191) COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci DEFAULT NULL,
-  `option_value` longtext COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT NULL,
-  `autoload` varchar(20) COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT 'yes',
+  `option_name` varchar(191) DEFAULT NULL,
+  `option_value` longtext NOT NULL,
+  `autoload` varchar(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'yes',
   PRIMARY KEY (`option_id`),
   UNIQUE KEY `option_name` (`option_name`)
-) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=1626 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4 COLLATE=utf8mb4_unicode_ci

In here we use it to detect the MySQL engine and collate differences for the two tables (scheme).

The other implication may be to generate the equalizer script:

mysqldiff --server1=root:[email protected]  db1.wp_options:db2.wp_options --difftype=sql 

Where it will produce the ALTER TABLE instruction.

ALTER TABLE `db1`.`wp_options` 
  DROP INDEX option_name, 
  ADD PRIMARY KEY(`option_id`), 
  ADD UNIQUE INDEX option_name (option_name), 

ENGINE=MyISAM, AUTO_INCREMENT=239115, COLLATE=utf8_general_ci;

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