New Microformats WordPress theme

Microformats WordPress theme use both worlds: Fixed size layout and responsive technique of scaling to fit the browser width when the browser width is less than 800px. It supports Article microformats for posts that can be tested from here: (on this URL for example). It also supports 500+ Google fonts and custom colors,…

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WHAT IS AGAR.IO?  is a multiplayer game created originally by Matheus Valadares for the desktop. A player controls a cell—circle and the goal is to gain mass by eating other smaller players or circles. The name comes from the substance agar, used to culture bacteria. has these game modes: FFA (Free-for All) Teams Experimental, and…

Gravity Forms Stripe Addon

Haven’t found tutorials on Stripe integration for Gravity forms. Certainly, Stripe add-on is very cool and deserves attention. Gravity forms, supports Stripe Add-on ( And it looks just great. Note that anyone can use the Stripe add-on with Gravity Forms subscription. Stripe has two modes: * sandbox or the testing mode, and * live mode….

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