Interactive Quizzes

HTML5 Elements Quiz

Where you should name all 109 HTML5 tags.

Git Quiz

Should help you enumerate all the GIT commands.

NPM Commands Quiz

Quiz to name NPM (Node Packet Manager) commands.

SASS Functions Quiz

Can help you sort out all the SASS functions (CSS stuff).


Interesting for those who would like to check if they can enumerate WP CLI commands.

PS: This quiz is outdated (there are some even newer commands).

Quizzes with Answers

CSHARP Quiz Questions with Answers

50 Questions dealing with C# CLR, types, keywords and syntax.

Unity Quiz Questions with Answers

You may start learning Unity, a very popular gaming platform, if you take this quiz as the very first step.

Vim Quiz Questions

Vim is a popular editor and here you can test your knowledge on some elementary questions.

Python Quiz Questions

More than 50 questions related to Python with several answers to pick.

JavaScript Quiz Questions

50 quiz question to help you understand JavaScript better.

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