Understanding offsets

Tutorial “CSS website design using divs” continues. Let me introduce you now with Mr. Offset.

He is a man with 5 balloons. Ups, but looks like 2 balloons are running away.

mister offset

What this basically mean — is that CSS left, right, top & bottom offsets for the div elements should be used only with: absolute, relative and fixed positioning. Offsets won’t work for position:static or position:inherit.

Here is the example for position:absolute where I used left and top offsets.

   div.A {position:absolute; left:100px; top:50px; background:red;}
   <div class="A">A div</div>

In the last article of this tutorial I will present one professional website design using divs that you may use for creating your onw web site or when creating your WordPress themes.

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