Minimal 2-columns website layout

In the very last article of this tutorial I will give you the minimal 2 column website layout achieved via CSS.

Here div C represents the container. Divs H represents the header, div A represents the main content area, div B is the sidebar div, and the div F is the footer.

We used all the tips from the tutorial here.

First we used overflow: auto; in the container div C. This will center the container div as we explained in the first article of this tutorial How to set the div in the center of a web browser using margins.

Then, you noticed that all the divs inside the container div C are non overlapping — as explained in the Adding child divs to a parent div article.

We used floating divs to construct the layout and we used clear: both clearing as explained in Floating divs article.

We also used an image in the container div for better visual experience.

#C {
 background: url(background.png);

You may download the background image from here.

Test the demo from HERE.

Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and good luck with your website design.

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