CSS website design using divs

Creating modern web pages using tables is obsolete now. One should use divs instead from several reasons:

First, separating the actual article text from the HTML markup language, second — to improve SEO, and third to simplify possible future design changes.

It is the intention here to explain div-based web layouts extremely visually. Each article in this tutorial introduces powerful div tips you should know when designing for the web. At the end I will propose one professional website design and you will understand the reasons why it is build that way.

Here is the list of the tutorial articles:

  1. How to set the div in the center of a web browser using margins
  2. Adding child divs to a parent div
  3. Divs position
  4. Floating divs
  5. Journal style for divs
  6. Understanding offsets
  7. Minimal 2-columns website layout

After reading this tutorial you will be in position to measure websites quality by examining website HTML and CSS code. If you plan to create your own WordPress theme, this tutorial is an excellent start.

* Many authors contributed and explained why using tables is obsolete now in web-page design ( for instance Eric A. Meyer in his book “CSS Web Site Design”, and Dan Cederholm in his book “Bulletproof Web Design”)

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