Why VPN might be dropping connection?

There are many reasons why VPN might be dropping its connection:

  • Inadequate Signal Strength – you are connected to a signal based network such as Wi-Fi or on a mobile Internet connection, low signal strength will likely cause your connection to drop due to excessive data losses.
  • Network Congestion – When connected to a network that is shared with other individuals, such as coffee shops, airports, apartment complexes, heavy utilization of the Internet connection can cause your PrivateTunnel VPN connection to become unstable. Whenever possible, try to connect to a connection that is not heavily utilized when you require consistent connectivity to our service.
  • High Network Latency – High latency network links, such as those using satellite type uplinks, may cause excessive data losses that results in a connection timeout. While PrivateTunnel generally works fine under these situations, the VPN connection will not be optimal when subjected to very high network latencies.
  • Misconfigured Firewall / Routers – PrivateTunnel operates primarily on the connectionless UDP protocol and improper configuration of your firewalls / routers may cause your connection to drop frequently.

  • Device Sleep Modes – Some mobile devices, such as the iPhone and some Android devices, disables the Internet connection when the device is in sleep mode to conserve battery power and the VPN connection will also be put on standby.

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