eCommerce lesson in 5 questions

The first question about eCommerce is: What can you buy and sell online?

  1. Of course physical goods such as clothes, furniture, and other non digital products,...
  2. Digital goods (music, documents, eBooks, programs, Bitcoints, iTunes)
  3. Subscriptions where you get the access to certain pages where normal visitors cannot
  4. Services... (web design, landscaping, hosting, ... ).

The second quest: What Types of eCommerce do you know?

  1. Online shopping.. resembles a physical retail store, search by category,  put and remove them from the online shopping card, use promotion codes, gifts... these are all known in Amazon. com,, and like...
  2. Online auctions such as on,, It is the online experience of the physical auction.
  3. Internet banking. Extremely convenient to transfer money like - also the anonymous Internet banking such as the
  4. Online ticketing... Can you do it without it? When have you last time purchase the ticked offline, or some sporting events. airplane,...

Website subscriptions .. someone will pay a fee to subscribe to magazine or news letter, or web site content where he will be ....

Third eCommerce quest: The four eCommerce models:

Strange enough, behind these 4 eCommerce acronyms all eCommerce can be classified:

  1. B2B = when the business deals with business
  2. B2C = these are the businesses like Amazon, and other selling to consumers, this is the most most popular class also...
  3. C2C = certain web sites allow just that. A common example is online auction.
  4. C2B = this is the new type. You can find it on freelance web sites like oDesk and Elance. This is where businesses are buying the services from the qualified individuals.

Who should use eCommerce?

Anyone in the right way. If you have small little shop that builds souvenirs you can expose your products to millions of people.

What is the coolest eCommerce branch at the moment?

Probable the M-commerce, or Mobile commerce. This is a new term when people are shopping via Phone while sitting in a waiting room. mCommerce will be very popular in the future.

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