ROR is bad?

Here is what I read about Ruby on Rails well known MVC framework.

First thing you can create a separation of controller logic and presentation even without MVC framework.

The next words h/b taken from this URL:

Here's a few of my hottest reasons for why I view Rails as a poor choice of frameworks; + It forces the developer into very rigid coding structures with little room for flexibility. + It takes full control over database schema. (I'm sorry, but this is a BIG turn off!) Give me liberty or give me death! + The framework hides so much low-level processes from the developer that it actually kills the K.I.S.S. mindset entirely. + Setting up a development environment for a Rails app might as well be like pulling teeth. I have never seen anything this ridiculous since PHPCake came out. + A production Rails application is such a resource hog that no matter how much memory you open up on your server, Rails quickly absorbs it very greedily. In fact, one of our client's sites has to be restarted every couple of weeks just because of this fact alone. + Rails compiles and runs it's entire code base into memory. A first thought might be that this is a great thing, but it quickly leaves little room for the server to reserve memory for heavy queries. + Right when you thought you learned Rails, they shit out another version of it and totally ruin any chance that anything you learned from earlier versions has any validity or worth anymore. + Documentation for this ridiculous framework is about as scattered as the corruption of our government. You're only real resource is a few good souls on places like Stackoverflow. That's pretty messed up if you ask me.

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