Speeding up WordPress web site

In general there are several ways for tracking your web site speed:

  • There is also “Page Speed” plugin for Firefox and Chrome that can provide excellent web site speed statistics.

  • Firefox Firebug plugin …

There is an excellent Yahoo tutorial for general website speed optimization.

The best website speed optimization techniques are:

  • Minifying the number of HTTP requests (either using CSS sprites technique, image maps, combining HTTP requests using WordPress plugins)

  • To set the “Expires” on a Cache-Control Header of the HTTP request. If you are under apache this can be done by modifying the .htaccess file

  • To use the Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A content delivery network (CDN) is a collection of web servers distributed across multiple locations to deliver content more efficiently to users. The server selected for delivering content to a specific user is typically based on a measure of network proximity. For example, the server with the fewest network hops or the server with the quickest response time is chosen.

Finally WordPress plugins for web site speedup:

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