Step by step normal wp-cli installation

You need to install wp-cli — command line interface for WordPress.

Here is a step by step tutorial how do it right.

Step 1.

cd /opt; mkdir wpcli; cd wpcli;

Step 2.


(if it doesn’t work try installing wget)

Step 3.

Test if it works

php wp-cli.phar --info

Step 4.

sudo chmod +x wp-cli.phar

This gives wp-cli.phar executable permission


sudo mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp

This enables calling simple wp instead wp-cli.phar every time

end without even using php interpreter like php wp-cli.phar –info

simple call wp –info to confirm it works.

Now you are on your way and just go to the WordPress document root folder and from there, from command line you can call any of the commands available:

wp core [download|config|install|install_network|version|update|update_db]

wp db [create|drop|optimize|repair|connect|cli|query|export|import]

wp eval-file

wp eval

wp export [validate_arguments]

wp generate [posts|users]

wp home

wp option [add|update|delete|get]

wp plugin [activate|deactivate|toggle|path|update|uninstall|delete|status|install]

wp post-meta [get|delete|add|update]

wp post [create|update|delete]

wp theme [activate|path|delete|status|install|update]

wp transient [get|set|delete|type]

wp user-meta [get|delete|add|update]

wp user [list|delete|create|update]

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