Add WordPress Plugin to the WordPress Public Repository Using Subversion

Demonstration will be for the phpinfo-print plugin, but very similar for any other plugin.

First you log in to and then you visit this URL:

After providing the plugin name and description you need to provide the zip URL of your plugin

After the approval you will get an email like this:

Your plugin hosting request has been approved.
Within one hour, you will have access to your SVN repository at
with your username and password (the same one you use on the forums).
Here's some handy links to help you get started.
Using Subversion with the WordPress Plugins Directory
FAQ about the WordPress Plugins Directory
WordPress Plugins Directory readme.txt standard
readme.txt validator:


Goto your plugins folder

svn co phpinfo-print

Add your plugin to the trunk folder and screenshots to the assets folder

svn add trunk/*
svn add assets/*
svn stat
svn diff
svn commit -m 'Initial version'

Here is another very interesting question: How to update the subversion with the plugin improvements?

Here is the process of improving the plugin description and eliminating some warnings…

svn co phpinfo-print

cd phpinfo-print folder

# Modify your files
svn status
svn update
svn commit -m "Updated description and eliminated one warning in the footer..." 

Useful links:


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