YouTube video duration pattern matching

You need to get the YouTube video duration in seconds. Here is a little pattern matching function that can help you provide that.

function get_seconds($str){
	$mm =  "/<yt:duration seconds='([0-9]*)'/";
	$found = preg_match($mm, $str, $matches);
	return (int)$matches[1];

Above that there is a function to get the data from the YouTube resource.

function get_video_data($vid){
	$uri = ''.$vid.'?v=2';
	$data = file_get_contents($uri);
	$content = value_in( "media:description",$data, true);
	$dur = get_seconds($data);
	$xml = simplexml_load_string($data);
	$title = (string)$xml->title;
	$published = (string)$xml->published;
	$arr = array();
	$arr['title'] = $title;
	$arr['content'] = $content;
	$arr['date'] = $published;
	$arr['duration'] = $dur;
	return $arr;

Selection_925 This post would not be complete without the another pattern matching function for getting the published date value:

function value_in($element_name, $xml, $content_only = true) {
	if ($xml == false) {
		return false;
	$mm =  '#<'.$element_name.'(?:\s+[^>]+)?>(.*?)'.'</'.$element_name.'>#s';
	$found = preg_match($mm, $xml, $matches);
	if ($found != false) {
		if ($content_only) {
			return $matches[1];  //ignore the enclosing tags
		} else {
			return $matches[0];  //return the full pattern match
	// No match found: return false.
	return false;

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